Experience - Hildegard Wismayer

My work experience stems from a variety of settings, private and from within the public sector.

I have provided psychotherapy for over 6 years at the Psychotherapy Department, St. Peter’s Hospital, gaining a wide range of experience within the secondary care of mental health issues. I have offered counselling at the North Surrey Community Counselling Partnership (NSCCP), and established a counselling service at Avalon, a residential care home for adults with mental health issues.
I also draw on experience from working as Enabling Independence Team worker, run by Surrey County Council, engaging with adults, who are recovering from mental health and/or substance misuse issues, offering support towards leading a more balanced life. I have co-facilitated SMART groups, managing addiction and systemic groups, as well as provided support on a 1:1 basis.

I worked as a listening volunteer for the Samaritans, a charity offering a 24 hour telephone helpline service.

My career started within the legal profession, working as a solicitor in London, before taking a career break to care for my son. Realising that emotional issues in personal or work relationships can be at the root of many legal disputes, I re-trained as a psychotherapist, wanting to work more closely with people and to be able to professionally address emotional issues, which can get in the way of enjoying life more fully. A better understanding of “what makes you tick?” tends to lead to making different choices in life. Often it also has an impact on the way we approach conflict and can make a legal confrontation unnecessary or at least more manageable.

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