Life can be challenging and sometimes it can be beneficial to sit down with someone who will really listen in a quiet, private space to explore whatever is troubling you. People seek psychotherapy (also sometimes called counselling) for many reasons, such as:
  • coping with stress
  • feeling depressed or anxious
  • career/life direction, facing redundancy
  • impact on others (e.g. anger management, assertiveness)
  • managing the balance between work and home/family life
  • dealing with conflict, understanding repeating patterns
  • coming to terms with endings or loss
  • thinking about key relationships, whether personal or professional
  • exploring your sense of self and your responsibility to yourself and others 
We are a group of experienced, qualified practitioners who have undergone a broad training in psychotherapy that allows us to adopt a therapeutic approach appropriate to each client's needs. In particular we focus on the quality of the relationship between therapist and client, aiming to offer a warm and trusting environment. 

Between us we have many years of experience working in both the corporate world and public sector.  As psychotherapists we are able to draw on that experience in working with clients from a range of professional backgrounds, whether for personal development or in times of real need.

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Each therapist is responsible for their own practice, receives individual supervision and holds their own professional indemnity insurance.
We are committed to a high standard of work and abide by BACP and / or UKCP professional codes of ethics.